Interview with co-owner and designer Monica K. Oberting

“2019 saw the beginnings of statement designs. The classic elegant “everyday” jewelry is finally out and floral, colorful, statement pieces are the trend and growing stronger. Feminine and bold, often counterintuitive in previous decades is the best description of today’s style. Thanks to designers like Chanel and Oscar de la Renta, quirky bulky and bold with pearls and chains are the rage. This new design from Deepa Gurnani is the perfect statement Design for Fall 2019.

Natural elements are incorporated in the design bringing nature in with style. The “recycled” look is all the rage as nature into our everyday lives is a common trend from Modern design to modern fashion. These earrings by Ranjana Kahn, a designer raised in India and based in NYC, offers show-stopping style.”

– Monica K. Oberting, ESQ.